Murder Manslaughter: Introduction

Murder manslaughter are serious charges – charges that often make it to the media when they occur. Because these situations are so widely-reported, most people have some understanding of what murder and manslaughter entail, and can identify that the main difference between the two is intent. However, there are more distinctions as specified by the Criminal Code.

In the Criminal Code, both murder and manslaughter fall under the umbrella category of homicide. Homicide is the killing of one person by another. For a homicide of any kind to be prosecuted in Canada, it must be culpable, that is, the accused must be found at fault.


Any murder committed without intent to kill is manslaughter. Manslaughter sometimes can make for an appropriate plea bargain depending on the circumstances of the case and the strength of the crown’s case.

There Is No More Serious Of A Charge

There is a wide range of punishment when it comes to murder and manslaughter, and a prosecutor must go far beyond establishing that a death has occurred. Issues of intent and state of mind are focal points in any murder and manslaughter case.

When facing such serious charges, it is essential that the accused consult a lawyer immediately. Our lead lawyer,  sits on the Legal Aid Serious Offence Panel and is qualified to knowledgeable when it comes to defending murder cases and manslaughter.

Everyone has legal rights and it is important for them to be defended in the best possible way. Murder and manslaughter charges are the most serious that anyone can face, but it is crucial for the accused to take advantage of their right to defend him or herself in the court of law. The experience and skills of the lawyer are of great importance in such cases.Best Murder & Manslaughter Lawyer Burlingtonis here to provide full legal assistance.

The experience of our criminal attorneys specialized in murder and manslaughter cases is quite diverse. We have worked with people from various backgrounds and in unique situations. One of the most important factors in such cases is the individual approach. While we rely on our past experience, we focus on the specifics of every case to build the best possible strategy for defence. With expert knowledge and a diverse set of legal skills, our lawyers are able to provide outstanding legal representation even in highly challenging cases. Our commitment to every case is full. We are always ready to put as many extra hours and as much effort as necessary to achieve the set goal.

The Criminal Code of Canada defines a range of offences in this particular field. These include first and second degree murder, manslaughter and attempted murder. The specific type of offence that a person is charged with depends on the circumstances surrounding the act. Both first degree and second degree murder convictions carry a mandatory life sentence. In the first case, there is eligibility for parole after 25 years. In the second case, the individual is eligible to parole after 10 years and after 25 years. There is no minimum sentence for manslaughter while the maximum one is life in prison. The situation of any accused person is extremely serious, but Murder & Manslaughter Lawyer Burlington is ready to help. Our work begins with providing detailed legal consultation. The accused will receive detailed explanation of the situation and full advice for deciding on the best way to go.

When we are hired to provide legal representation, the work will be focused entirely on achieving the best possible outcome. Our clients can count on us at their bail hearing as well as throughout the trial. The work on the case begins with its thorough investigation. The lawyer is supported by a team of diverse specialists and will work with external experts to build the strongest possible defence case. The strategy will be meticulously developed taking into account even the smallest details.

Our clients receive full personal support at all stages of the legal process going beyond preparation for the hearings. Your Murder & Manslaughter Lawyer in Burlington will be ready to answer any question thoroughly and quickly. We do everything necessary to boost the confidence of our clients. The lawyer will fight with passion and persistence using all possible legal tools. If obstacles come up, they will be overcome effectively with great skill. Our focus will be on achieving the set goal.