Impaired Driving

Driving when you are impaired may surely invite penalties, license suspension and jail time. But it also drives your insurance rates over the roof. When you drink and drive, your insurance company will consider you an unsafe and reckless driver. You may get convicted or charged when they test you positive for DUI and this criminal record will affect your car insurance too gravely.

A lot of insurance companies may not cover you if you were convicted of impaired driving. If they do provide you cover then the car insurance rates will be exorbitant, around $6000 to $7000 more than regular premiums per year. Repeat offenders may get no coverage and the only option would be to approach Facility Association.

How Does Impaired Driving Affect Insurance

An impaired driving conviction not only goes on your criminal record but affects your insurance records adversely. This impaired driving conviction stays on your record for 3 years from the date of conviction.  They also suspend your license and this means that you may pay high insurance rates for at least 3-7 years.

How Long Does Impaired Driving Stay On Record

An impaired driving conviction may stay on your record for at least 3 years. However, your conviction record may stay on the police records forever.  After 3 years, the insurance companies may reduce the insurance premiums back to the previous rates.

Does Insurance Cover Impaired Driving

Insurance does not cover accidents caused by negligent driving or dangerous actions that are on intention. This includes driving while under the influence of intoxication due to drugs or alcohol. If you are not able to properly care or control your vehicle due to your impaired condition then you may cause an accident. In such a case your insurance may not cover you for the losses.

When you are convicted of driving under impaired conditions then insurance may refuse to pay your claims to repair your car. As per Ontario Auto Policy, section 7.2.2, the insurer may not pay for damage or loss while driving in an impaired condition. When the BAC is more than 0.08 and even for refusing to test with Breathalyzer your insurer may deny the claim. In case you give your car to your friend who drinks and drives without your knowledge, then the insurer may pay for the repair expenses of the car. However, they may subrogate or recover the losses from your friend. Basically, any violation of the insurance policy may let the insurer deny your claim and this includes impaired driving conviction.

Can The Innocent Party Claim For Damages In Impaired Driving Accident

If an impaired driving causes an accident then you may claim from your insurer for third party liability damages. So, this also includes an accident when the impaired driver causes a property damage or bodily injury. Ontario has a no-fault insurance system and in case an impaired driver hits your car then you may claim from your insurer for the car’s damages.

The insurer may also cover the third party liability damage claims up to the limits of the policy since they have a duty to indemnify the insured for liability. Even, if the insured caused the accident while driving in an impaired condition. It may or may not be possible for the insurer company to subrogate the claim amount from the impaired driver.