Impaired Driving Lawyer In Burlington


Driving while drunk or intoxicated is a serious crime that can result in both immediate and long- term penalties. In case of an arrest it is wise to contact a lawyer who understands the complex laws against drunk driving.

A Impaired Driving Lawyer Burlington will challenge the arrest against an accused by:

  • Reviewing arrest report to identify errors in the procedure.
  • Questioning the reason for initial traffic stop.
  • Studying maintenance record of blood and breathe test equipment.
  • Interviewing any witness.
  • Filing a suppression motion on behalf of the accused.

Two cases can be filed against an accused in the event of an arrest. One is a criminal charge that is resolved in court. The other one is the civil case whereby the state seeks to suspend the driving license of the accused. Prior alcohol-related traffic cases determine suspension length. A sanction of a minimum three months is given for the first time offenders. First-time offenders who refuse to take a test are given a period of 180 days. Second offense is 18 months while a third one is life suspension. An experienced lawyer works aggressively to win the separate cases and retains an accused’s license as well as freedom.

Drug-impaired driving is becoming a much more common issue on Canada’s streets, and the number of people driving after taking drugs is greater than those who drive after drinking. Regardless of public perception that drugs may be less harmful to drivers, evidence is growing that drug impairment contributes to collisions. Roadside saliva tests have become more accurate and cost-effective in recent years, particularly for the most commonly-used drugs. Drugs can cause you not to think through decisions before making them. When under the influence you have control over your body and who knows what would happen, it could be as extensive as waking up in the hospital or not waking up at all. The consequences are the same for drinking and driving pretty much.

Possible Penalties for Impaired Driving Crimes.

Registered blood alcohol content exceeding 0.8% or impairment by alcohol and other drugs are the two ways the state proves a drunken driving case. If an accused is found guilty, the following penalties may apply:

  • Jail term
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Loss of License
  • Community Service
  • Alcohol Education Classes
  • Alcohol Assessment and Further Treatment
  • Surcharges for Anti- Drunk Driving Funds
  • Loss of Auto Insurance
  • In some cases vehicle might be seized.
  • Record of a criminal record which may have a negative impact on one’s employment status.

Possible Defense Mechanism against Impaired Driving Crime.

Given the seriousness of the case, it is pertinent to have a impaired driving lawyer in Burlington who is endowed with impeccable skills and experience on these charges. This attorney ensures that necessary expertise to execute an effectively prepared defense is provided to secure a win in the case. To avoid automatic loss of the license, one should have paperwork on file with the department of motor vehicles. The paperwork is done within seven days of an arrest. In case the request is not processed, one automatically loses the license.

An Impaired driving lawyer in Burlington can equip an accused with effective legal guidance during the hearing improving the chances of retaining their driving privileges.