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You Don’t Design Your Website around SEO Keywords. You Design Your Entire Business around Them


Americans use search engines about 20 billion times every month. And when they do that, they try to think of the few words that could best capture and express the essence of what they are looking for. Those few words are what in the search engine business, they call keywords. If there was any one innovation that could lay claim to most of the credit for the growth and the surprising uptake the Internet has enjoyed, the concept of the keyword could certainly be in the running. Businesses constantly use the tools that search engines provide them with to understand what keywords the buying public thinks of when they wish to look up information on the products they provide –  when they build their websites or when they compose a PPC ad. The business that thinks of the exact words that the public favors will always find itself at the top of the search engine rankings. Most businesses starting out believe that it’s all SEO, keywords and everything to do with them. But that’s not really true.


There is more to choosing the right keywords than just search engine optimization. Getting to the right keyword is often mostly about really knowing your customer base. Do they think of your shoes because they think they are durable or because they are stylish? Do they come to you for the cheapest products or the best? Businesses like to build their websites around SEO keywords. Actually, they should build their entire businesses around SEO keywords. They should pick a very specific consumer want – like quality over price or style over substance – and they should make their products or their prices or something cater to the market they choose.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Trying to think of the right SEO keywords to describe your business to your customer base, it’s quite easy to make the mistake of thinking that there are literally single words that will work for you. When was the last time you made a search with a single word? People don’t search like that. You need to think of three-word or four-word phrases to use in your marketing efforts.

Another problem with trying to the rank well for a single-word keyword is that you just have too much competition and you find yourself ranking for all kinds of searches that really don’t interest you. For instance, if you have a shoe store and you wish to rank for shoes, you’ll find your business coming up in searches for shoe repair, shoe manufacture and export and horseshoes. That’ll be a waste of your money for PPC and in general, you’ll find it very hard to rank in searches do with the shoes you specifically sell. There are just too many different kinds of shoe searches going on.

Google’s Wonder Wheel is a great new keyword tool that’s been around for about two years now. It happens to be a graphic representation of how Google (and the searching public too, by the way) perceive how all the different keywords connect together.

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